Friday, February 25, 2005

Life is Sweet

I spent some time reflecting today about how much I love my life. I've recently read a lot of comments from a few people who are so sad and bitter about their lives that they only complain. Admittedly, much of my blogging has been venting and complaining, The internet is therapeutic, you know. After seeing some of these other people and their constant barrage of unpleasantness, I decided I'd better make sure my blog didn't make the ranks of the whine, whine all the time world.

So here it is, a post only about happy things. We're getting a house. Everything worked out, as I should have known it would. And this house is better than many of the houses I would have settled for. All of those friends who said something better was just around the corner were right. I must have really smart friends.

My daughter is adorable. She's wild and trying sometimes, but she's healthy and makes me laugh more than anyone in the world. Last night, she was being somewhat difficult when she didn't want to go to bed. That morphed into a fit about me putting her PJs on her. It was one of those screaming fits that only a really tired toddler can manage. Very nice. Finally, she took her PJs off and then put hem back on, just so the PJs weren't tainted with my "putting on" germs. Apparently, she felt bad about her rotten behavior, though, because after I tucked her into bed, still crying, I heard her telling her stuffed toy, "Little Dog," about how she wasn't nice to mommy but she "was very sad that mommy put the PJs on." She's talking to this dog in that sobbing, hitching voice of complete despair. I was trying not to laugh, but at the same time, I wanted to cry for her. She was obviously heartbroken when she realized she wasn't acting very nicely. After a few minutes of talking the situation over with Little Dog, she came over to me and apologized for screaming and wanted to give me a kiss. I can't even tell you how much I loved her right then, looking up at me with her tear-stained face. She knew she was wrong and she was trying to make it right. She makes me so proud. :)

My husband is taking me on a date tonight. Woohoo! I believe there will be some negotiations for our 5-year anniversary trip tonight, too. We'll discuss possible trip locations over wine and dinner. I can't complain in the marriage department, either.

And finally, I've said before that we're not wealthy people. However, I do know that we're incredibly lucky to have enough money floating around to pay the bills, to build the house that we want, to have a dinner date once in a while, and to allow us to live out in the country, on our own farm, where our daughter can play outside and be safe. I have the luxury of working from home and not having to report to an office every day. My husband enjoys his work and the has the ability to take time off whenever he needs it, even if it's just to take a long weekend with me and Maya. Maybe what we have isn't enough for some people. But for us? It's plenty.

I don't talk much about all of the things we have, because I realize that there are people much less fortunate than us in the world. I'm happy and secure. I just hope I never forget how lucky I really am in the midst of those little everyday complaints.

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Kelley said...

What a sweet girl you have!