Tuesday, June 24, 2008


So, it's summer, which means that it's time for my annual season of feeling like I need to be in 27.3 places at any given moment. And yes, that means I have less time for blogging. I know. I always have an excuse for why I'm not blogging. My apologies!

My plans for teaching the youngster how to garden have been largely derailed thanks to wayyy too much rain. I got her to weed some flower beds by the house, but I made her quit because I kept losing her among the giant ragweeds. It has been too wet to plant my veggie garden, so I am in mourning for the zucchinis and tomatoes that will never be. Oh, how I love eating fresh veggies right from my garden. *sob*

In general, my schedule for the summer goes like this: take child to gymnastics, buy groceries, go to the ball field, put fuel in truck, pull a few weeds, mow half the yard, get a sunburn, go to the ball field, buy more groceries, mow the other half of the yard, buy more fuel for truck, GET YER DANG SHOES ON SO WE CAN GO TO THE BALL FIELD!!!!, prevent child from giving cat another haircut, try to clean mud from floors in house, gymnastics again, more groceries, more fuel, go to the ball field, forget the groceries and let family subsist on foods purchased only at said ball field.

In between those things, my husband and I have been taking classes to get our open water diving certifications. If all goes well, we will be official divers after this coming weekend. It's loads of fun.

If I make it to the fall, perhaps I will consider writing another blog post at that time. Happy summer, everyone.

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