Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ooooooooooh! Ghosts!

Let me preface this post by saying that I'm not entirely sure that I believe in ghosts, at least not as they are commonly shown on the big screen. Every once in a while, something happens, though, that makes me wonder if maybe some of the paranormal realm might just be real.

My camera remote has been missing for nearly 6 months now. I remember when I used it last - I was in the basement messing around with portrait lighting. I keep a pretty close eye on my camera equipment, so the next time I went to use the remote, I was really surprised that it wasn't in it's proper place. I went back to the basement, knowing that if I had left it down there, it would be on one of the two tables by my backdrop stand. It wasn't there. I looked high and low. Under the couches. Behind the backdrop. Up on the bookcases. Through all of my camera bags and in all of my jeans pockets. No camera remote. Every time I've been in the basement in the meantime, I've looked for the remote with no luck. Last week, I started to consider ordering a new remote.

Fast forward to today. I ventured down to the basement to run on my treadmill. As I passed one of the tables by my backdrop stand, on my way to find some TV entertainment for my run, I saw something on the table out of the corner of my eye. In the middle of the otherwise empty table was my missing camera remote. I said, "yay!" and assumed that one of the kids had found the remote and happened to place it right where I probably left it 6 months ago. I put the TV remote and my water bottle down by the camera remote, did my run, then spent some time on the rowing machine, and started to stretch to finish up. No one else had been in the basement during that time.

When I leaned over to grab the table during a stretch, I was surprised to see that the camera remote was no longer there. My water and the TV remote, yes. Camera remote, nowhere in sight. I was a little creeped out by that, but finished what I was doing and then started looking around the basement again.

A little ways from the table, on one of the couches, was the camera remote. Sitting right in the middle of the cushion. Not like someone tossed it there or it got bumped (by the no one who was there!!!) and flew over there. It was face up, perfectly square with the cushion. The weird thing is that even if I had somehow managed to move the remote and then lose all memory of doing so within an hour timeframe, I would never have moved it from the table to the couch. I *hate* chasing things that fall between the couch cushions, so I never set things down on the couches. So weird!

Oddly, I was watching a movie about ghosts on TV when this happened. The other time that something weird happened to me, I was also watching something about ghosts on TV. That was when I was 17 and babysitting. The kids were asleep and I was alone in the family's basement. A ride-on toy wheeled itself across the room in front of me that night. As a 17-year-old I was far jumpier than I am now. I think I managed not to scream but I certainly hauled ass upstairs and didn't go back to the basement again. Ever.

What say you, internet? Camera-remote-hiding poltergeist? Does the spirit realm have a thing for me when I'm in a basement and watching ghost shows? Or am I losing my ever-loving mind? Yes, I'm aware that the last option is probably the most likely.


Shana said...

Weird! That is all I am going to say to that. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Eeek! That post gave me goosebumps. I do believe in spirits, lasting energy, and also, evil. gah. I don't like typing that. lol I think some of us may be more sensitive than others and that if you are thinking about it and have that energy out there, something may answer. ;) I do like to watch "ghost" shows on tv but have to turn them off if I get the creeps or tingly. I do not want to invite something in I'm not willing to deal with.