Thursday, March 29, 2007

Oh Yeah!

I was just looking at one of my old posts, and realized that I forgot to mention that we do (finally) have television channels and (gasp!) high-speed internet here on the farm! We got DirecTV when we built our new house, so yeah, I waited more than a year to break this news on my fabulous blog. I procrastinate. Deal with it! The speedy internet came soon after, which is really, really good because it makes my job so much easier.

So I finally did get to see Sex and the City, though it was in re-runs by the time I saw it, so no one wanted to discuss it with me. Whatever. People here think I'm a movie star when I wear Old Navy, so probably they wouldn't have raved over Jimmy Choos with me. I love my friends in a big way, but I cannot think of even one of them who is even half as girly as me. No one else has shoe love. *sniff* Thank goodness Patty likes to get mani/pedis and shop. She's my only hope!

In other news, my cat is trying to chase the ceiling fan. Poor, dumb kitty.

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