Friday, March 02, 2007

Well, Hello!

Since you're reading my blog, I will assume that you want to know more about me. You love me, I can tell! And since you love me, I will indulge your desire for H-related trivia. I know, you don't deserve this kind of goodness, my naughty little monkeys, but I will give it to you just the same. Yay!

So, where to start, things the average person may not know about me....
1. I'm afraid of sewer drains. Thank you, Stephen King.
2. I've met Stephen King. I won a writing contest and got to meet him during his Insomnia tour.
3. I love horror movies, paranormal stories and cheesy psychic detective TV shows.
4. My shoulders and elbows are double-jointed, or extra flexy or something. I can band my elbows backwards a little ways, and if I hold a belt or long stick behind my back, I can lift it and bring it up over my head and to the front without letting go.
5. I've been a magazine editor, radio DJ, agricultural news writer, baby products expert, copy shop clerk and menswear sales person.
6. I studied horticulture at the university (though it wasn't my primary area of study) but I cannot keep houseplants alive.
7. When I was little, I wished that my name was Margaret.
8. I've known how to sew clothing since I was 8 and taught myself to quilt a few years ago.
9. I'm a certified child passenger safety technician. Please buckle your kids!
10. I've been to Mexico, Costa Rica and China.

And since I've been practicing so hard with my new camera, I will treat you to a rare glimpse of me. Try not to stare!

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