Monday, October 01, 2007

Evil Eye

My daughter was in the back seat of my truck today as we cruised down the highway on our way to visit my sister and her husband for the afternoon. She was happily entertaining herself, as she often does on road trips. She's always been a good car baby. And yes, I get to call her a baby, even though she's six. She's *my* baby, after all.

I looked at her in the rear-view mirror once, and she had one eye closed, and was covering it with her hand. I figured it was part of her usual pirate act, though she didn't seem to have the opposite hand curled into her trademark "pirate hook finger."

After a while she said, "Mom, when I cover my eye up with my hand I can see spots. Red spots." I answered, "Yep, that sounds normal to me." Her face was serious, though, and she thought about it for a few minutes, occasionally putting her hand back up to her face. "Mom," she said, "that's how I can see my eeeeevil eye. It's red, with spots."

Evil eye, indeed.

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