Monday, September 13, 2004

Bye, bye love.

I married Gaylon right out of college. That was four years ago, and I still feel like hitching up with him was a good move. One of the results of marrying young was that I went right from relying on my parents to having a legally documented partner in crime with whom I've shared my "growing up after college" phase. We've learned some lessons, some fun, some notsomuch. The underlying theme, though, is that Gaylon is my rock. Where he is grounded and level-headed, I'm impulsive and prone to letting my emotions take the lead.

So maybe you're wondering where I'm going with this. Gaylon is gone for 6 weeks, and I actually have no clue how to take care of myself, my kid, my house, the bills, the garbage (how many times do I have to empty it a day, anyway?), the feeding of the animals (a dog will eat catfood if it's all you have, btw) and everything else that is happening around here. Usually, I pretty much take care of the kid and I make quilts. This other stuff is new and I'm not sure I'm doing a very good job of it, hence feeding kitten chow to the hound dog.

We're trying to build a house, a project that we started before we ever knew Gaylon would be going to Kazakhstan. I am filled with panic about handling any official house business alone. Today, the banker tells me that we have to demolish the old house on our property before we can get a mortgage for our new house. The fact that the old house is not near the new house site matters not. Its mere existence is a major problem in the banking world. And yeah, my journalism degree prepared me for a great many things, but I assure you, demolishing a house is not one of them.

So, after I get to a point where I stop crying every five minutes because Gaylon is gone, I have to learn how to do a few things. I think I've got the garbage system worked out, but the house demolition, that may take a while.


Jen said...

I feel an overwhelming urge to offer you weird internet hugs right now. Just go with it. :-)

HC said...

I'd take hugs from you anywtime, sweet thing!

Farmgurl said...

SMOOCHES. You're gonna be fine, girl. Btw, if you need to know how to change the oil in your lawn tractor, I just took a crash course this morning. I could lead you through it, step by step. ;-)